Psychologically: Supper (eat) explained from the meaning of the evening as a symbol of declining forces, - if one takes the supper to himself, one comes again to forces and the next day will be successful. A richly covered table can conclude with older people by an especially happy old age which allows to be absent it nothing. With younger people a work could be concluded, so that one can harvest their fruits. Often one points to the fact that the life ship soon reaches in a quiet waterway or that one needs to give no troubles himself what will be tomorrow. Popular: (arab).: taking: an important dream which promises only good. (European ones).: Promising the fulfilment of the desired, luck in the lottery, good inheritance, rich presents, - good news, - luck strand on the other day, - satisfactory execution of a matter, - works and does your duty, your living will make amends, see: you require rest and peace, sit with the supper and eat: one will come again to forces and be successful the next day with a happy little hand for upcoming enterprises, with other together supper eat: successful common actions are possible, very well for teamworks and new common decisions. (ind).: otherwise, Being so worriedly, you do not come not to the aim, with another experience: you will soon be able to be glad about the success, is favourably your way to the aim and the luck will wave to you as a wage. (See also dinner, Communion, food)