Popular: (European ones).: believe to be awake: one will be moved by strange incidents in sombre mood, by green fields or sceneries to go and with the fact notice that this happens in the awake state: signals that a good and cheerful approaches that, however, between present and future still disagreeable will happen. Calves Psychologically: Calf symbolises often sexual needs. Unsightly calves warn about annoyance and failures, grew hairs before disagreeable surprises and disappointments. Popular: (arab).: ugly ones: Quarrel and annoyance, nicely formed: quick wedding and love. (European ones).: nice and full ones see or have: announce a luxuriant life without financial troubles, - it will well succeed a little bit unexpectedly, yellow and wrinkly or dressed: bring an irritating experience, grew hairs: it comes quite differently than one thinks. (ind).: of young girls: is not so curious, see: you are fast roused, own see: you should reshape your life, of old woman: hear on the good people, of old man: you will manage everything, of a child: do not lose hope, clarifies: you have an unconcerned future, swollen or wounds: Damage and frustration.