Popular: (arab).: gets involved somebody with an animal, he will rebel against a silly, lawless and foreign person and degrade him. he will get wrong one with a bird who belongs to the type of the eatable ones of somebody a fallen, but at the same time a bad call get, - the meat of the bird is inedible and this krummschnäbelig, as for example the eagle and similar birds, he will close according to the nature of the bird with high Mr. Freundschaft and derive big benefit from his wealth. your wishes are dangerous. (ind).: Doing somebody with a known animal sexual offence, he will prove to an unworthy good, to a person, which no thanks knows, no appreciative word finds, no wage of God gets, - the animal is unknown, he will subject a mighty enemy, afterwards to him reliefs prove, but find no thanks. somebody is present at a wild animal, he will come along to a mighty enemy pliantly according to the strength and size of the animal. Seeming it him, the animal is present at him, he will have of an enemy a big advantage according to the strength and size of the animal. Also apart from the sexual offence with animals is valid in general: If the dreaming operates with somebody sexually, he will prove to the partner good. (See also coitus, sexual intercourse)