Association: - Healing, - luck, - protection. Question: - Where in my life I feel sure? medicine wheel: Key words: Sky stone, - permanence, - protection, - moon of the big hoist. Description: The turquoise is the mineral totem in the moon of the big hoist (from the 19th of February to the 20th of March) to Born ones in the medicine wheel. People close to the earth thought that carrying the turquoise prevented osseous breaks, protected against weapons and maintained the loyalty of lovers. One in a curve or arrow fastened turquoise pearl should provide for the fact that he met his aim. General meaning: To direct a recollection of it, the look more often upon the sky, - a warning before possible danger, - the possibility of a firm respect. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A tip to the fact that you head straight by the material with which you deal in the dream, directly for the aim. Popular: (arab).: you has a secret longing. (European ones).: it a certain wish will soon come true, the members is of benefit, stealing Having a woman a turquoise, becomes her love crosses. If she comes dishonourable to this stone, it must suffer for the fact that she can be impressed in the love too fast. (ind).: your hopes will come true. (See also precious stones, colours)