Popular: (arab).: Dreaming one, he carries a turban, he will dress a high military rank according to the length of the Umwindungen of the turban. Being this from Chasdion, he will come to bigger wealth, if of silk, to lower one. Solving to itself the turban on his head, luck and success will be overshadowed by bad and loss, he falls down, he will lose his rank. this will take over Snatching to him a friend the turban, by force or for violent desire, his rank and possession, - it is a stranger, an enemy will come in his Instead of. Dreaming to one, the turban is of cotton or sheep's wool, his respect and his rank will be lower, - he is of yellow colour, he will fall ill, also die maybe because the turban on the head sits. Being he of another colour, every face comes true according to the meaning which has in each case the concerning colour. Dreaming of the emperors, he sits up a turban, points on a concubine according to his desire and the colour of the turban, - this is white, she will be beautiful, if red, to him give the biggest pleasure, if purple, are raised by him maybe in the state of Augusta. Why you want to seem different than you are ? (European ones).: announces to you good advice, in the own as well as in the interest more different.