Artemidoros: Drinking vessels mean the life itself. Drinking vessels of gold, silver or tone bring each to luck and call big reliability, which one, because they from firm one, the others because they are from everyday material. Mugs from horn are because of her ancientry and unbreakability from good, glasses against it because of the material of bad premeaning, announce sometimes them also because of her fragility dangers and bring to light concealed because of her transparency. Another appropriate view says that the drinking vessels call those people who get into contact with our lips. So it means the death of a person being close to us if they shatter. However, lives all alone, the death threatens him himself. I can confirm this observation from own experience. To people on high sea shattering her drinking vessels prophesies wreck. This is the old division and interpretation. Nowadays still there comes the following vision which has often come true: There are certain enghalsige drinking vessels which one has invented before not too long time. If they go to shards, they promise freeing from any hardship and oppression. Somebody dreamt, he sees his lover lying in an earthly wine jug. The lover died by the hand of a state slave. However, the lying in the earthen vessel meant to the woman quite of course the death, - by the hand of a state slave because the jug of the public belongs and each stands to services. (Not only private individuals disposed of slave, also the state, the towns and publicly juridical bodies owned slaves (Greek = douloi demosioi, lat. servi publici). Popular: (arab).: break: Quarrel in the family. (European ones).: strangers will penetrate into the life, - because one is gullible, one will be cheated, broken glasses: mean estrangement on the basis of predilections for forbidden fruits. (ind).: a drinking vessel means a woman. takes in hand somebody a glass drinking vessel completely water, he will take a woman and generate children with her, - all glass points because to a woman from the middle class. Seeming it him, the vessel has broken, has remained the water, however, darinnen, the woman will die, however, the newborn child stay alive, - however, the water has flowed out and has remained the vessel whole, the child will die, the woman, however, stay alive. pours out to the people water from a glass decanter, he will do good and attain for it wage and name, measured in the amount of water which he distributed - pours out to a water and takes for it money, he has already got his wage, and he will come to bad call. If the emperor to the people pours out pure water and the people drink it thirsty, he will make happy pressed people, promote them and present richly, - a my husband is raised, governor or judge become. A monk will be a teacher and sponsor of the welfare, - however, the water is dirty, he will spread heresies and sacrilegious apprenticeships. break: you will have grief and grief.