Association: - lacking trust, - loss of the innocence. Question: - Where must I begin at the beginning? Popular: (European ones).: one will be confronted with an unhappy event. (See also birth) Manslaughter Popular: (arab).: Dreaming one, he kills a person, the culprit will rob of the money of his victim or lose it because of the bloodshed. Killing somebody another with a stick, he will prove to this by a third a relief, - the stick means because mighty man. Killing somebody another with the dagger, he will act to him by a Mrs. Gutes, - he stones to death him, he will help to the victim by effective and powerful speech, - it seems to him, he has injured him with a stone throw, but has not killed, he will try to do to him good, it, however, do not manage. Dreaming one, he shoots an arrow at somebody or he is injured himself by an arrow, is valid the following: Dies of the arrow grieved, he will fast die, he does not die be tormented up to his end of life by illness. That, however, which stretched the curve, will follow that upon which he directed the floor, - he met him, he will achieve his aim, if not be fruitless. Dreaming of the emperors, he aims with the curve at an animal, he will send his princes against enemies in the field, - he shoots the animal, he will force his enemies on his will if not, to them are defeated. Meeting of the emperor's curve a known servant or he puts in on him, the person concerned of the emperor's rage will have to fear, - the man is unknown, the emperor will invent an intrigue against his enemies. (European ones).: predicts differences of opinion and family annoyance, Dreaming a woman, them sees or stands in any manner in connection with manslaughter, she has great fear that her name is associated with a scandal. (ind).: Dreaming one, he kills a person, he will act to the same power and wrong, - then it is against God's order to kill a person, also against the other laws which forbid it. stretches somebody his hand as if he wants to kill somebody, actions will end in power and wrong. Killing somebody a person, he will compensate the victim with the nicest and most precious what he owns. Also becomes that which hurts another in his honour or offends, the pained honour restore, - in any case, that will get which power or wrong suffers from the unterpushbutton satisfaction. Dreaming one, he has committed a manslaughter or he has been killed himself by another, the bowels would have come out of the slit belly, then would have washed out from another and been introduced again in the abdominal cavity, he will soon die, but find his welfare because the bowels were whitewashed. (See also murder and weapon names)