Association: - Jump in emotional depths. Question: - Which feelings is I to be fathomed ready? Which feelings are about me zusammengeschwappt? In general: If the dreaming dives in his dream, this can express his desire for freedom. In addition, in search of freedom he is absolutely ready to take risks. He has to go in his unconscious hinabtauchen to find there means and ways with whose help he can offer the forehead to the fear. Diving (diver) can symbolise fear of the stranger (often before own unconscious), - then one is requested to more courage and should also take the risks which one exactly cannot calculate. Psychologically: The diving has different meanings in the dream. On the one hand this vision stands for disagreeable examination from which the dreaming tries to avoid, while he simply disappears. On the other hand it can mean that the dreaming dives into his soul to recognise himself and to argue with his feeling world. Only from the whole dream action reveals itself which of these both meanings applies. Who dives in the sea, looks in the everyday life for spiritual values which can improve the life to him, - only a little ingenuity belongs to it to protect them. If we see diver in the dream, we should explore our core whether we do not envy the success somebody in the awake life. The dreaming must raise a lot of concentration and attention to dive successfully and in the greatest possible security. It is a devotion to an activity which should be symbolised by the dream. Spiritually: At this level diving refers in the dream to entering spiritual risks. Popular: (arab).: see working: on the sea you will not make your luck, disappear: one will come through only by talent and diplomacy in a difficult situation, in a quiet and clear lake: you would like to come with yourself to the pure and go for a thing on the reason. (European ones).: indicate a courageous action cheers the people, see themselves as a diver: one is put before a heavy decision, be: promises big advantages by a courageous decision, dive in the clear water: one will solve a problem to own satisfaction, in the murky water: the idiom of the matters will frighten to one, in a quiet lake: one would like to go for a thing on the reason and win new self-knowledge, with himself come to the pure one, other see diving with: promises likeable companions, for lovers: happy dreams and passionate love become true. (See also fish, sea, pond, water)