In general: The emotional and intellectual severity deliberate which steps either with him or people of his sphere is made by the armament in the dream to the dreaming. If he himself carries an armament, he is anxious maybe too much of protection. Obvious the dreaming feels I seriously threatened and lends thus to his protective need expression. If these are other people who are taken with an armament, the dreaming perceives maybe only her defensive mechanisms. Psychologically: The knight's armament was determined in former times for the protection of the knight. Thus the armament is able as a vision still today for the wish of the dreaming to protect itself or to outdistance, are interpreted. However, she can also signal aggressiveness or fight readiness. Nevertheless, the protection by a knight's armament can be old-fashioned and inappropriate in the topical situation. If another in the dream carries an armament, this is a sign that this is to be injured at the feeling level easily. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the armament puts chivalry, protection and the need, to protect or to be protected. Popular: (arab).: arm: you are loaded to a party, (European ones).: Many people claim one and want support. One gives them only so much as one is able really. (See also hero, horse, knight)