In general. Trunk stands as a phallic symbol for sexual needs, in the other sense for the totality of the instinctual life. It is the most sensitive part of a mighty and strong animal. The elephant stands presumably for a close friend or lover who has a lot of influence on you. How the trunk handles with you and you with him, registers to which measure you have trust to this person. Psychologically: The elephant's trunk is evaluated by some psychoanalysts as gigantic male genitals and, therefore, as an expression of big power. However, we join rather of the opinion of modern psychologists who interpret the Umschlungenwerden of a trunk as a protection. Popular: (arab).: One would further want ausgreifen around distant-recumbent goods to reach. Bigger amount of money is to be expected. (European ones).: sexually favourably, unless the elephant wildly behaves, - one should not irritate tremendous strength and desires or allow to float, see an elephant's trunk: one would like to swing best far to catch foreign goods to himself, in man's dreams: often shows the wish to begin a relation with an associated or married woman. (See also elephant)