In general: The bolt symbolises generally the access of the dreaming to his personality whom he grants to himself and other. If he is unanimously he would like to hide from the environment his true face, - he is open, he strives for social contacts and faces to the demands of the life openly. The bolt also symbolises a secret which one will ventilate if one unbolts. Psychologically: What is bolted in the dream, is kept us in the awake life. The door before which a stop was put maybe circumscribes a dear matter which allows to despair to us, or we do not find the desired connection. If we unbolt, we open against it the gate of the future far, - we will harvest success which remains resistant to value. Popular: (arab).: see: let to the care admonish not to penetrate into the secrets of other people, to closed ones see: one should free himself of old images and positions and try to recognise the really important things of the life, open: one will easily fall under influence under a person who would like to buy friendship, with flatteries push forward: keep your secret for you. (European ones).: see in a door: one should watch out to uncover the secrets of other people, it would give to a lot of annoyance and excitement, fasten to the room door: one strives away and wants to start somewhere else anew, push forward themselves one: warns about openness too much towards other person and should change this now, are enclosed by another person in the room: Signs of the coming difficulties, - mainly on the basis of avarice and self-centredness, possibly even on the basis of insincerity from. are in a barred room: a successful new beginning is on the brink before, bolting Having another his door, one will be soon asked for advice and support. (ind).: to iron ones see: you will come behind a secret, a business will come for unexpected end. (See also 'door')