Association: - quick movement, - escape, - joy in physical activity. Question: - What moves me? In general: Runnings (see or run themselves) made clear as one asserts himself in the life. If one wins a running, points to assurance. If one sees himself running, the fears and feeling of inferiority can register. In the dream it is more a Hinterherrennen what points to an opportunity missed in the awake life which one would still like to use afterwards, nevertheless (however, unfortunately, one comes with the running quite a lot out of breath). Psychologically: Have you got in the dream out of breath? One runs and runs and runs - and then wakes usually (bathed in sweat): a typical stress phase dream which takes up the tempo of the day activities weiterspinnt and processes. To indicate maybe also as a tip that one feels slowly 'presecuted' from the hasty expiries which one 'does' to himself, one is on the move constantly 'rushed and breathlessly'. Relaxating! Popular: (arab).: even: you will overcome obstacles, see: do not miss your work, watch: one can overcome all obstacles if one handles with his forces economically. (European ones).: see in general: watch out for √úbereilungen, horse running or car racing: one will have to decide in a thing fast, otherwise one misses a chance, watch one: if one divides all his forces well, one will be able to overcome the coming obstacles, take part: others will challenge one for the success, - one will miss in a thing the connection, win: one will overcome his competitors. (ind).: even: you will hit on the way to your luck still on some obstacles. (See also running)