In general: If the dreaming has a drunkenness in his dream, the cause can matter for this. If the dreaming is got drunk, this can refer to a controlling loss. However, a changed state on account of other drugs possibly symbolises a change in awareness. Drunkenness also warns about illusions and excessive hopes, - one is fetched back quickly and painfully again on the ground of the facts. Psychologically: The changes which maybe appear by a drunkenness in the consciousness can be reflected in the dream. This change in awareness of depressive nature can sometimes be and refer to the fact that the dreaming must sprinkle the negatives in his life, - sometimes she is also of euphoric nature and shows that the dreaming is in a state of uncontrolled enthusiasm. With the drunkenness in the dream the unconscious wants to point out us probably maybe to a state in the awake life in which we could not be any more man of our senses. Spiritually: There is a kind of euphoria which the person can experience in certain stadia of his spiritual development. It is connected as a rule with the change of a plane of consciousness in an another, and this stands again in connection with a sudden influx of new energy. Popular: (arab).: have (be got drunk): Fatuities and excesses commit, - you dedicate yourself to pleasant deceptions, - also: you take your worries too easily, see an intoxicated: you will get a person in your power, - also: watch out for ambitious people, - also: one may count with a certain problem with the help of outside. (pers).: an ambivalent omen: If the dreaming is the intoxicated, the sign shows a recommendation to express itself with a close person. If he sees another under the influence of alcohol, he can count with the help of outside. Anyway, however, he should keep away in the next time from every kind of drunkenness. (Child) (European ones).: have be intoxicating: advises to hold in all measure, otherwise illness and grief easily steps in the house, - a nice illusion will be destroyed by the rough reality. (ind).: have: good news of business kind. (See also alcohol, drugs)