Popular: (arab).: he will let Dreaming of the emperors, he beräuchere Notabeln, something what he is not in habit to do, otherwise the tallness of the country come to accept a confidential message, also he will forge, because of the strength of the smoked work, war plans with them against his enemies, - a man from the people will fight out lawsuits and processes with his neighbours. Beräuchert one his clothes which he normally carries he will instruct his farm-hands and subordinates to his use, - beräuchert he the upholsterers of his bed, will prove he to his women favours. you takes part in a baptismal party. (ind).: see: you will be present at a holy action, he Beräuchert another with the smoke barrel, he will direct to those which he beräucherte, strong and gentle words, strengthens because of the fire gentle because of the fragrance, - also will initiate them in his secret. he offers in a church before empty benches incense, he will entrust also the directors of the church with his secret and honour God.