In general: Box on the ears often registers that one gets the calculation presented for own mistakes. If one gives them to somebody, warns about the attempt to solve problems in an easy, ungainly manner. Psychologically: She points to negligences in the awake life to which to us our psyche would like to draw the attention. Besides, mostly it concerns selfish pursuing of own plans. Popular: (arab).: receive: are put out to degrading humiliations, - you come to bad society, - One is before nasty friends on the care also: you are angry at your own action, distribute: defend themselves against attacks courageously, - also: is not premature and uncontrolled, you thereby make worse only your current situation. (European ones).: receive: if is a warning that you could gather with wilful people, - disappointments, - also: own false action will take revenge if one wants to remove a certain problem all of a sudden, see how one receives one: stands for a great success for which one has waited for a long time, distribute: in quarrel and quarrel get, - one will become clever by damage and experience some joys, - also: to want to do a sullen thing with wrong means, it will make even more disagreeable. (ind).: receive: you will have a long and very happy marriage, distribute: one will deceive you, see distributing: Scuffle and quarrel. (See also clout round the ears, mouth bell)