Association: - Warmth, - heat, - food, - comfort. Question: - What warms me? What is a spring of the security or comfort for me? In general: A stove is a symbol for the human ability to convert raw ingredients into tasty dishes. Hence, in the dream a stove can point to the possibility to transform coarse traits in fine ones. Stove can often stand for the need for love and security as 'mental food', - often sexual needs are connected with it. If the stove glows, warns about defamation of character. Psychologically: The stove is a symbol for the feeling area or for the feeling warmth in the dream. The vision of the stove can point to problems in the respect. A heated stove points to a friendly environment and to a lot of feeling warmth, cold on coldness and frigidity. If the stove goes out, our instantaneous plans maybe do not succeed (then just the stove is over!), or the shops have hard time. Because a stove is hollow inside, he symbolises in the dream also the mother's lap. As a place of the transformation he is also associated with pregnancy and birth. Spiritually: A stove shows the change of basic qualities, and, therefore, he refers to spiritual transformations. Popular: (arab).: see: to a cosy life go towards, - also: one should do something not to remain lonesome, of iron: your love will fast cool off, from tiles: Warmth and comfort is at your home, open stove door: You are weak and need a strong friend and assistant. Look around. close stove door: now your decision is final and your energy leads to success, light a fire: you should lend more stress to your assertions, otherwise you do not come through, poke themselves the fire: your extravagance overthrows you in the evil, see burning a bright fire in this: one is on the best way to realise his images, a cold one: disappointed hopes, - also: Disputes in the family, a lot of frustration, glowing: now you should begin something, the time is very favorable and successful, give a hand: you search a friend and are lonesome, sit in one and warm themselves: one is persuaded, from his friends to be looked always as a welcome guest burn themselves on him: one will have by tiresome admirers still belonging difficulties, - also: professional difficulties will still worsen. (European ones).: a sexual symbol, - power question, see only one: one had to do some enterprise to remain no longer only, heat: cosy home and existence, - if the fire nicely starts to burn means the nice hour at own home, - if the fire does not want to burn, annoyance and quarrel at home, warm themselves in him: Prosperity, - one will find a person who loves one very much, burn themselves on it: your assurance will stagger, by a relationship one will get in big difficulties, - glowing: a lot of success, - one will find a cosy home or a wholesome traffic, want to warm in one and find out that the stove is cold: Disappointments in dear problems, without fire, to cold ones: you will lack Most necessary, - sober, joyless or frosty surroundings or traffic with such people tell in, - fear which could come to an end an existing connection a burnt-out rust: Signs for the hard times which will come, see falling down: you will suffer damage, place: Comfort at the age, see clarifying very much: cosy life, clean one and, besides, dirty themselves with soot: by a relationship or friendship relation one will lose to call and respect. see glowing: one wants to slander you, warm themselves: Prosperity and success, without fire: Lack suffer. (See also