Association: - Load, - strength, - stupidity. Question: - To what extent do I doubt my own strength? What does give to me the feeling to be silly? In general: Ox can embody clumsiness and Occurring, but also strength and staying power. If one sees him working, promises the moderate success in spite of a lot of trouble. If one kills the animal, should point to illnesses. If one eats beef, the business success announces. Psychologically: It seems in nightmares of men who fear around her power. With women they do not express every now and then the female inferiority, 'yet be emancipated'. Oxen sometimes announce also an appreciation of value which one reaches because other itself like 'oxen' held back. Spiritually: The ox is a symbol of the goodness, rest and peaceful strength. Artemidoros: It dreamt somebody, he rides on a black ox, however, this carries him only with reluctance and throws down him, before he could else do a harm to him. He was just on high sea, got on that day in great danger and suffered few days ago wreck and the ship sank, however, he himself was saved only by the skin of the teeth. The ox stood for the ship. Popular: (arab).: however, mighty princes, those call of plough ox who do not pull the plough, aristocratic men who are soon got the regiment, cows years. Dreaming one, he rides on a black ox, he will make rich, mighty man to himself subservient. Leading somebody plough oxen in his house and binds them, he will gain a big luck, rule and power, make subject to people to himself and get rid of all worries. Seeming it one, he owns a lot of yoke oxen who are willing and obedient, and leads them where he wants, he will gain big power, subject powerful figures and give portion other from his full authority, - however, this face only big man can look or one which will bring it still to something tallness. he will lose sold one around money his yoke of plough ox, his power and suffer so much bitter need as he got money for the oxen. Dreaming of the emperors, he gives to a known ox, he will lend him a higher rank and make him the prince, - it is a stranger, enemies will depress his subjects badly. Seeming it the emperor, one brings him wild, stubborn oxen who are tied up, he will take over foreign princes as prisoners and be delighted, - the animals are tied up in cookers and not, he will order about governors liable to account of mighty Völkerschaften. letting of the emperors plough oxen kill, threatens his noble danger of him, these are stubborn animals, the evil about prince of foreign countries will come. Dreaming of the emperors, he allows to float to cookers of not working cattle in his country on the pasture, he will farm the country by foreign-born and allow to settle. Seeming one, the power or rule has, he is taken by an ox on the horns, he will get with his equals in quarrel and suffer damage, according to the injury which he carried off, - a man of the people will be damaged by the prince. Being one of an ox been kicked, the damage will be lower. Riding somebody on a rose-coloured ox, he will attain power, his children or his woman will fall ill, however. Looking one, as unknown oxen come to his house, high men him will visit, - the animals take him on the horns, those will do to him harm if not, him leave unmolested. Dreaming one, an ox from foreign country who has three, four or more horns is on the pasture, a prince will come to the country and govern the people so many years as the ox has horns. Seeming it one, his ox has become wild, the provincial governor will rage at him, - he restrains the animal, he will show that in the barriers, - the ox keeps the upper hand, the governor will let feel his power. gets thin see: to paltry relations go towards, is greasy: plentiful living have, on the pasture: not to take up a reminder, the auxiliary readiness more different too often, shop: you get loyal and diligent employees, harness: your luck is protected, on the field see working: one can count on the acquaintance of high-powered people who will help to one, rest: you must change your plan, he is not good, float: you are hurt and pursued, see splitting: the luck will flee, one see jumping: your love is one-sided and finds no reply, jumping ones observe: there threatens a danger or even a death, are threatened by them: treacherous people will pursue you to do to you harm, sell, (is greasy): a good deal make, sell, (gets thin): Need and misery come to the house, - you must count on bad people, see slaughtering: is on the alert, one wants to use you to wrong things, - indispositions experience, slaughter: you make from the need a virtue, (European ones).: as a sexual symbol to understand concept of the strength - often power dream mostly of older people, - mean a rich household, a good-fed: if a senior position promises in the municipality and admiration of the female gender, is greasy on the pasture see: stand for wealth and a transportation which excels the most daring expectations, - quick luck, gets thin see: the property will melt away, and friends will drop from you, - also: Price increase, hear roaring: announced a danger, see one on the pasture: if brings profit or well-being, see grazing: you have to expect a nice future, see in the stable: if a rich, well ordered family life, promises see one before a carriage clamped: you have mighty friends, - laborious, but repaying work or employment, announces two being a good fit in the team: one will lead a happy marriage or find the right partner, see a working ox on the field: one will make the acquaintance of high-powered people, and these turn out very useful for one, see slaughtering or be involved: you will find a good existence, - material advantages are only to be achieved, while one disturbs luck or peace of other people or destroys, - to think reminder, not only of himself, but also of others, - also: an illness is in the suit, see floating: a lot of trouble, see jumping: you are loved faithfully, from a clean well or watercourse see drinking: one will attain a long-desired property, - maybe in the form of a loving and nice wife, - women it symbolises the affection of her darling, are threatened by them: disloyal domestics, are attacked by one: one will have a high-powered personality to the enemy, a dead one: is valid as an omen for a painful loss, (ind).: see working: big joy, see jumping: you are loved faithfully, see slaughtering: Illness comes about you, see floating: you will have a lot of trouble around the everyday life. (See also yoke, ship, bull)