Psychologically: Fruit-trees own something homely, charming and nourishing. With this dream symbol it is led with most trees on the harmonious and curative effect of the nature. Especially is in the foreground here the nourishing side of the nature (in every regard for body and psyche). pear: The pear is valid because of her form as a symbol for the female body. Sometimes, however, symbol for a German ex Federal Chancellor. to cherry: The cherry is valid because of her red colour as an erotic symbol. peach: The peach is valid because of his colour and his soft skin as a dream symbol which refers to the female skin and therefore to the sensuousness. plum: The plum is valid on grounds of her form as a symbol for the female gender. - Popular: (arab).: see a blossoming one: can count on a good future, - also: Engagement and wedding, with fruit: Wealth and profit, shake: you have light profit, however, with some frustration, from one the fruits herabschüttelt: you will know how to get on with your house people, (European ones).: plant: successful activity in trade and occupation, in the blossom: Luck, with fruits: professional success and luck in the love, - a good time begins, broken down: close before the aim will miss a little bit, fell: you will suffer a loss. (ind).: in blossom: you have a good future, without blossom: do not worry, the others are not much better. (See also tree, garden)