In general: Some experiences are painful or simply injurious. If the dreaming does not succeed in understanding what has happened with him and to use this as a part of his growth process, then such experiences are stored away in his subconsciousness and lead later to difficulties. These bad experiences can appear dung or fertilizer in the dream. Dung indicates one like fertilizer as a luck symbol. Psychologically: Dung maybe shows something what can affect destructively the life of the dreaming. If, for example, a dunghill strikes him in his dream at an inappropriate place, this refers to the fact that there is something in his life what the dreaming destroys or must change his form he, before he can properly use it. Spiritually: Dung can be also looked as a prelude of a spiritual breakdown. This must be not necessarily negative, because a breakdown is often necessary to allow a reconstruction and the solutions of upcoming problems. Artemidoros: Dung zusammenholen brings to people advantage who live on the large amount or pursue a dirty craft, - the dung gathers from many remains and is thrown down by many. From good premeaning it is more distant for enterprisers of public works or for state tenants. Luck brings it to an arm if he sleeps on a dunghill (hence, The good premeaning of this dream explains itself that the fertilizer heap is an important bearer of the field fertility and owns as such magic forces.) ,-he will acquire big possession and take in large quantities money. The dream face gets a high office or a state honouring an empire because all citizens bring something on the dunghill and draufwerfen, as well as they pay to the authorities taxes and perform deliveries. To be pelted by a friend with dung is not good, - it means hostility, discord and arbitrary wrong from on the part of that which does this. If one himself pelts another with dung, it indicates big damage. Popular: (arab).: see or hineintreten: Change of the relations to the better, - a lot of luck in the future, - (20, - 41) carry: Discomfort has to suffer, go: Luck in the business, on the field go: Luck and blessing, bury: you talk nonsense and annoy your friends, in hands: you make squalid deals, (European ones).: is valid for big luck, - one avoids smelling the dung, the piece of luck approaches immediately, one will have in a thing a lot of luck, on and unload or advance: by diligent work one will come to money and success, in such hineinfallen: one is a distinct lucky devil and should use his chances. (ind).: load: your friends want to rob you of the honour, see: Illness in the family, become with it beschüttet: Misfortune, of cows: Health. (See also 'fertilizer', 'liquid manure', 'excrement', 'dunghill')