Association: - natural world, - space, - elementary needs and wishes. Question: - Am I überzivilisiert? Do I feel from expectations restricted? Popular: (arab).: Dreaming of the emperors, he has got a country which densely covered, rich in wood, shady and is watered, he will order about countries, people, clans and their wealth: about person because of the trees, about clans because of the thick plant growth, about the wealth because of the water, - a usual man or a pauper will attain from the prince important means. Seeming it the emperor, he has acquired dry, level and level country, he will found in the wasteland towns, - he goes hunting there and he makes prey, he will take in the new-founded towns his pleasure according to the luck which he had, - one from the common people will make progress, in any case, in his trade. Dreaming to the emperor, he has got a precipitous and sloping area rich in gulch, he will subject an unstable Völkerschaft which lives in big distance, - he goes hunting with falcons there and he makes prey, he will force the locals by a vigorous authorised representative under his rule because the falcon grabs sharply, - he achieves no hunting success, his enterprise will be fruitless. An easy man will have, in any case, difficulties in his occupation and earn not a lot. Seeming it the emperor, the earth speaks with him, he will unexpectedly receive a happy message because the speech of the earth is something unexpected, - a my husband will make progress in his field, in any case. from the ship by view: big joy and homecoming, above arable land go: laborious work and rich harvest approach, farm arable land: your work has a successful future, do farm work: it will not go for you everything by wish, see the nicely furrowed or farmed: good view of acquisition of property, desolate, the bald and infertile see: bad future, frustration and mißliche chances, about the desolate or a stubble field go: Disappointments and failure, because others have already harvested before us. (European ones).: into a foreign country be moved: if pain of parting, announces fertile country: if good, promises infertile and rocky country: it expects to a miss and despondence, of the sea from country see: meant luck and prosperity, of the sea or a lake come ashore: now all plans are built on firm foundation and will be successful, are in the country: if means repose of efforts and works, are sent away by the landowner: a bitter disappointment expect, about country go: the state of the country indicates the other success in the life, Ländereien own: meant prosperity and independence, leave the country: points to a professional change which is not necessarily to the good. (ind).: Dreaming somebody, he owns a level, wide country in whose middle a mountain rises, this means, according to his height, high-ranking man and all country lying around around the mountain his rich possession, - the dreamer will bring either the high-ranking with his goods in his power, or perform to him allegiance, live together with him and find out a lot of good from him and he is a subject in all to him. If he has settled only at the side from the mountain without owning him, he will join to mentioned high man and put under his protection, but enjoy only so much protection how he has come close to the mountain. Dreaming of the emperors, his country has become smaller around half, his half an empire will be snatched from him by enemies, and he himself will soon die, - beggary and a quick death threatens a my husband. Seeming it one, his land has become smaller around a piece, threaten him, he is who wants he, oppression, need and misery. If such happens to the possession of another known lord of the manor, this will be the victim, however, he is not known, the dreamer himself. Dreaming of the emperors, his country has split and has become bigger, he will live long and take the country of his enemies in possession, a usual man will double his property and his income, - only one piece of the reason and ground has become twice as big, will be also suitable of the dreamer's profit. Dreaming one, he is man about a known, firmly enclosed piece of country, he will find according to the good clod of earth a nice woman, - however, the country is enclosed not firmly, but is extensively wide, will wave to him extensive wealth and joy. seen he in the firmly enclosed country also meadows and green fields, will be the woman of unique beauty and religious strength. If he looks in this country fields which are sowed with luminous-bright, ripe barley, it indicates property and health, - it is ordered only with wheat, it means with worries and hard work earned money because the grain must be prepared only by meals, by the baking and other more, before it becomes bread, - the field carries legumes, it indicates drudgery and punishment, if sesame and piston millet, incredible wealth, which to win easily and is paired with big joy. Dreaming one, he comes to an unknown, level, wide and big country, he will move away from home, but safely come back because the country is level. he digs up the country and he eats of the dug up earth, it becomes of the trip so much money heimbringen as he has eaten earth. Seeming it one, it is a pit in this country, he falls in and is buried, he will fall among the robbers and die, - however, complete darkness does not rule in the pit, but penetrates one more beam of light, he will fall among the robbers, but not the death is, but see again the native country. If the pit is not too big, the fall in the same indicates pushing of robbers and a hardship which corresponds to the size and depth of the pit. from the sea see: your hopes will soon come true, see from the airplane: is careful and do not proceed in speculations, the desolate: your future is uncertain a little bit, maneuvers, therefore, in the next future a little more carefully, the foreign: you will go on a trip. (ind).: see: indicates on the fulfilment of hopes and the end of difficulties, see from above on it: a warning of arrogance and speculations.