Psychologically: Childhood dreams are often nostalgic, childhood dreams, however, often desirable fulfilments. Such dreams can still also suggest us to think over anew our settings to youngsters, to win back our youthfulness in an area or to see maybe the life not only from the senior citizen's position. A childhood dream could be a tip that we should escape from obligations which often become the load and win back a little freedom of movement. Does one give himself maybe excessive troubles about the things which would much easier show themselves to themselves in case of unpredjudiced consideration? Does one suffer from the stress which one makes to himself same? Does the youngster or the youngster (she) act in the dream typically for his age? If this zutrieft, the dream could lead sending a reminder on own present immature behaviour: Maybe one has prejudices, acts unthinkingly, is spiteful or jealously in a manner which one would call with a teenager silly and unproductive. Popular: (arab).: has young people around itself have: Child blessing and joy. (See also children, school)