Psychologically: If we powder ourselves in the dream, we want to cover in the awake life maybe something ugly or a nakedness or veil something which does not like ourselves. Popular: (arab).: see: you cannot handle with money, see somebody: your defeat remains not concealed, - you want to put somebody, danger! to itself: you will be anxious to please, - also: you want to seem different like you are, deception, (European ones).: see: warns us against covering up any wrong or against twisting an event, powder the face to themselves: the coming festivity in private area, scatter: one would like to make up in vain for something, apply with himself: one has no pure conscience, Dreaming a woman to powder her face means the new clothes for a festive occasion. (ind).: to itself: you want to hide an offence, others: you stand somebody with a wrong action. (See also cosmetics, mask)