Psychologically: Old dream books understand common viper as a symbol of the defeat. Unfortunately, with us queues have generally no especially good reputation. They are valid as wrong and dangerous. Your dream possibly wants to warn you about somebody in your surroundings from which to you danger threatens. Popular: (arab).: see: it with bad people get to do, - envious people lurk to damage to you, are bitten by one: you will fall victim to an enemy. (European ones).: observe one, and a dead friend who still breathes apparently sits up with the bite of the queue, whereupon both disappear in the bushes: one will come along around good friends worries, - however, one can be also met even by a loss, - also: there are people who are with envy on one and talk with bad tongues about one, one does not pay attention to it, - Dreaming a young woman of a common viper, her annoyance approaches by an underhand person. If the queue creeps before her of it, she sits down successfully against all attacks to the weir. (ind).: your enemies will win. (See also queue)