Psychologically: The dreams in which one is creative are less significant if one is of nature from a creative person. If one has never used, however, the hands, would be able a dream in which one does pottery or writes a novel, mean that one should consider to do this - or to give more elbowroom at least to his ingenuity. If one has never had a creative hobby, this dream maybe points out to the fact that it becomes a time. A dream of a seminal grain or core could point to a growing idea from which tallness will originate. The distribution of fertilizer in the dream means similar - a plan wants to be fed and be looked after. If one is a creative person and saw himself in the dream with the time, drawing or potters, a tip to another aspect of own awake life which is as important like creative work is to be seen in it maybe. One tries to remember every detail of the activities in the dream, and associates it with an experience of the awake life, because it could be that the dream offers to one a solution for a problem in the job. (See also 'fertilizer', to 'times', 'seeds', 'drawing')