Psychologically: If everything belongs with some psychoanalysts in the category 'what is round', would have to be interpreted really sexually. However, it is a symbol for 'cultivated order'. The clean collar which to itself the dreamer puts down can be safely translated as a preparation on important (not sexual) matter in the awake life. However, he can also point to adverse circumstances which lead to failures, - this is valid particularly when one irons him or tries in vain to lay him around the neck. If he tears in the dream, the collar could soon burst to the dreamer also in the deliberate life. Popular: (arab).: carry: an invitation accept, tear: big annoyance have, decrease: Worries pass, big relief enters. (European ones).: of a man see: one will make a man's acquaintance, iron: indicates at annoyance and frustration with a male person, for a lover who tangles a clean one is this a good sign, - a dirty one put on meant against it Wankelmütigkeit, put on: one will take part in an official celebration or meeting or be invited to such, want to put on and with it do not manage: an urgent matter should be finished as soon as possible, carry: one is showered with honour which one can hardly ward off, she has Appearing of a woman a collar, many admirers, but no frank admirer. She will still presumably remain quite a while a single. (ind).: carry: you will been reserved by adverse relations.