Psychologically: Most people dress up and disguise themselves with pleasure, draw costumes and go cheerfully on balls or parties with masks or larvae. Such episodes in the dream can far contain more important statements than we accept. As with the cosmetics we change with all that our appearance what means camouflage and hiding of a certain part of our personality. If one was drawn in the dream quite differently than usually, this could be called that one is discontented with an area in the awake life - most probably with the image-. One should sound what the dream wants to say one: Is it in the time, to become quieter and to strip all extravagances? Is it a time to behave altersgemäß or to see the things looser and to try out something new? Colour and state of the dream clothes maybe refer to the area of the life which should be reshaped. A historical costume which one carried in the dream instead of knock about clothes could mean that setting or image are old-fashioned and would have to be brought on the newest state, - if one carried it on a fancy-dress ball or on the stage, it is to be interpreted as a tip, that be one true I hide or a role plays. If one felt finer, however, in his Kostümierung than in the knock about clothes, one apparently has to solve an identity problem. Popular: (arab).: Being closed before foreign person. (See also carnival, clothes, cosmetics)