Psychologically: Block symbolises mostly tiresome duties which hardly yield profit. If one splits him, this asks to defend itself against insults. If we knock ourselves against a block, somebody sets for us in the awake life a trap. If we split wood on a chopping block, we have to expect advantageous from people who faced to us earlier indifferently whom we could get some time ago, however, with persuasive ideas on our side. Popular: (arab).: you deals with coarse people, - also: your coarseness chases away your friends. (European ones).: portent for the defamation to which one will be put out, heavy on the back carry: one will be charged a load which yields no profit, on a wood split: one will bring a brute to the reason, knock themselves against one: one will be offended by a lout. (ind).: see: watch out for bad epilogues. (See also wood)