medicine wheel: Key words: Childishly, - childishly, - easily, - beginnings, - playfully, - learning. Description: The childhood is a time of very quick growth for the person. During this phase the brain lines up in such a way that it can adapt itself to his cultural sphere. It is the time to speak in which we in such a way, go, think and learn to trade how it expects our society. Nowadays the childhood can be a period, while we lose a good part of the knowledge with which we were born. In cultures close to the earth the people were supported to retain integrity this what they knew as children. General meaning: An actual dream about your childhood, - a dream about your children, - an opportunity to learn anew something well-known, - to refer new ways, in order to the earth, - new beginnings. Association: Lighthearted and openly shut to the world. Transcendent meaning: Understand to your childhood or the childhood generally, - gift of new beginnings. Psychologically: Though childhood dreams sometimes appear to us pure nostalgia products, however, they stand often in narrow respect with our topical life situation. The childhood in the dream contains in particular cases recollections of own child time which one must consciously accept and process. In dreams of the past often manifests itself the unaware wish to escape from the problems and obligations of our awake life. Childhood dreams sometimes correct complacency, because they remind us of the fact that our basic needs and longings - even if we are still so old - the same are like those of a child. All our experience of life makes us not infallible, does not immunise us against stupidity, cruelty and bad mood. The dream maybe wants to say that ours should be sure awake-I of many things - particularly of his intelligence - not too. Like the vision of the youth the longing of the dreaming for carefree nature, security, but also the fear is also reflected in this picture before or the problems with the ageing. However, often it also seems that in this symbol the problems with own children or the wish for marriage, family and children express themselves. (See also adolescence,' early childhood')