Psychologically: Businessman embodies material or spiritual values and profits, now and again also greed and egoism. The individual meaning depends on the living conditions. Nevertheless, mostly he symbolises the exchange of values between people - welcherart also always. The possession of the businessman can prove a tip to the 'spiritual reserves' of the dreaming (his talents whose development would be promising). He is also the mediator who should steer our mental 'buying power' on the right product which repairs mental lack states, while he acts. Often we ourselves are the businessman because we want to do something for ourselves from own impulse. If The businessman makes a high turnover in the dream events, it can be understood as a symbol of own energy turnover. Other interpretation tips arise from the commodities visible in the dream. Popular: (arab).: see or with him act: View of profit in the next time have. (European ones).: see: if profit brings with trade, be: one becomes or wants to make himself independent, of one get a letter: one will be made pay his debts, with many businessmen gather: if an important conference announces. (ind).: see: big profit is entitled to you. (See also store and single commodities)