Psychologically: Who is accompanied in the dream of somebody, should pay attention to who goes on his side - where? Often it is only one shade (see there). Mostly the companion circumscribes a part of own inside to himself become independent, or the problems have tracked down which urgently need a solution. However, often there lies behind also the wish for a more intensive contact with a certain (maybe beloved) person who makes himself rather rare, however. If it was a harmonious sphere in which he has accompanied you, it could mean an actual approach. If the dream scene was chaotic, the mood hostilely, it is to be understood as a request: Forget it! Even if the contact with this person could become more intensive, you would have to accept a lot of disagreeable for it - it would never be a real pair situation. Popular: (arab).: Somebody searches you and expects news from you. (39, 60) (European ones).: agree with a walk or have: Friendship close, accompany to the departure: if illness or estrangement of the departing registers, accompany somebody on the street: happy hours spend.