Psychologically: As a symbol the construction site or the building of a house is to be understood for own body - in the other sense for the personal identity. Who builds something, wants to make progress in the awake life. However, with the construction difficulties also arise which describe problems in the deliberate life which one cannot finish so easily. If one plans really just a house or does alterations, one says nothing else than: One cannot switch off! Spiritually: Construction and removal of the life is symbolised by the construction. Popular: (arab).: in general: Enterprises will always run successfully, - (16, 23) a big tower: you will never be able to carry out your plans, a dwelling house: Change of the relations, a stable: plentiful salary, big buildings: your hopes exceed all borders, - you have soaringly plans, a small building: Modesty in all things, even: quick coming up, see: you will change your place of residence, the ramshackle or collapsing: Care with the plans which were made - by her realisation could arise to a damage and loss. (European ones).: the symbol is often judged favourably, - in particular the construction of a house is valid as a token for a happy hand by future plannings. problems are fast removed if that what one builds is small and petite. Growing the construction aimlessly higher and higher, then the problems also grow in the boundless. Becoming a bridge built, can be calculated on the fact that difficulties are soon bridged. Becoming a construction, however, outworn or even collapses, warns about failures, - one should think over his plans again critically and change when required, - big misfortune approaches or the family, in general a house: quick progress in the life and a secure existence, - successful enterprises, help with own building of a house: Luck and Wohlhabenheit, a ramshackle building: a warning which the recently made plans and decisions will bring to a damage or losses. (See also construction, master builder, building site,' bridge ',' house ', new building')