Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Mud) To sink, stick, or walk in mire in a dream means fear, distress, difficulties and adversities.

The same interpretation is given for muddling in the rainwaters, or walking in the rain.

If a sick person sees mire in his dream, it means sufferingfrom a prolonged illness. Walking out of mire in a dream means recovering from an illness. Walking in mire in a dream also means imprisonment, poverty, or sufferings caused by one’s sinfulness and lack of attending to his religious duties.

If a woman sees mire in her dream, it may mean that she may shortly conceive a child.

In a dream, mire also means stagnation, disrupting communications, the past, pride about one’s wealth, or it could mean apostasy.

If the color of mud turns from black into red in a dream, it means moving from one’s country to another, or from one wife to another. During a drought, if one sees mire or mud in his dream, it means rain. Mire inside a well in a dream means an inheritance, or the surfacing of blessings, or any related interpretations to what a well represents in a dream.