Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Cable; Hawser) In a dream, a rope represents an agreement, a promise, or a covenant.

A rope which is extended down from the heavens in a dream represents God’s Book. However, a rope in adream also represents rank, respect and prosperity, or it could mean deception, misleading others, or sorcery. Holding to a rope in one’s dream represents one’s strict adherence to God’s path.

If the rope is made from fibers in the dream, it means that the one holding it is a rough person.

If it is made from leather in the dream, then it represents a bloody person.

If the rope is made from wool in the dream, then it represents a religious person.

Twisting a rope in a dream means going on a trip.

Twisting it around one’s own neck in the dream means getting married.

Throwing it over one’s shoulders in the dream means an important appointment resulting from a business trip.

Twisting one’s beard to make a rope out of it in a dream means perjury, receiving a bribe and giving a false testimony.

Twisting a rope, making one, or measuring it in a dream means travels.

Attaching a rope to a wooden stick or a staff in a dream means indulging in an evil act, or engaging in sorcery.

(Also see Cable)