Dreams about snow symbolize the need to confront repressed emotions.

To find yourself in a snowstorm suggests you are failing to enjoy some long-expected pleasure.

To see snow in the summertime, or to see the sun shining through landscapes of snow, foretells that you will conquer adverse fortune and possess yourself of power.

If you eat snow in your dream, you will not achieve your goals.

If you see snow melting, your fears will turn into joy.

To see large, white snowflakes falling while looking through a window means you will have an angry conversation with your sweetheart, and possibly difficult financial times.

To see snow-capped mountains in the distance warns you that your ambitions are too high.

If you dream of going snow sleighing, others will oppose your choice of a lover.

To dream of throwing snowballs means you will have to struggle with embarrassing issues.

To dream of shoveling snow suggests that you are seeking your self-identity. You are on a quest for a new understanding of your waking life and true self.

Alternatively, this dream can occur when you are trying too hard in find the truth to a problem.

Also see “Blizzard”