To dream that you have a lack of soul or no soul, suggests that you are feeling spiritually lost. You need to find yourself and what will make you feel whole as a person.

To dream of seeing your soul leaving your body, or if you dream of selling your soul, this means you are in danger of sacrificing yourself for a useless purpose or a person who doesn’t deserve it. Don’t let this happen, or you will lose your self-respect and become unpleasant to others.

If you imagined that another person’s soul was inside you, you will gain happiness and rewards from a stranger who is yet to come into your life.

If you dream of watching someone onstage, and imagining that your soul is inside of them, you will be outrivaled in some important situation.

To dream that you are discussing the immortality of your soul, signifies that you are smart and thoughtful. Your life will include the pursuit of knowledge and meeting interesting people.