Popular: (arab).: to itself: Luck and respect, his woman: indicates at bad news, another: Restlessness and disdain. (pers).: a serious omen: Interpersonal conflicts already exist in even more invisible form. Being the dreaming the culprit, so this symbol serves as a warning before wrong friends and unprincipled enemies. Being he the accusing, so he watches out for belligerence and hatred. recommends quite in general the symbol to the concerning care and forbearance in dealing with his people. (European ones).: become: indicates underhand friends, or bad-disposed people with whom we stand anyhow in connection, therefore, care will be necessary, can prove the innocence: shows that you will overcome your difficulties, ventures terms of abuse point undefined difficulties or worries, while a definitive accusation points to a serious matter, a special difficulty. (See also accusation)