Psychologically: Abscission of body parts can point above all with children to castration fear by wrong sex education. About one bread or any object cut off: One will not take a short-cut with a certain matter especially well. If other cut off something, concludes on it that one itself from other 'a disc take a short-cut' is able. Popular: (arab).: a tape: a friendship breaks up, a bread: the blessing is with you, it will succeed to you what you plan. (European ones).: improvement of the goods, take a short-cut of a hung: announces furthermore success in a thing, of fruits or plants: is valid as a good sign for luck in financial matters, hair: you go towards to a serious time, material: a festivity approaches you, paper: you are cheated, tape or linen thread: finally, a long process or tiff will stop, a piece of sausage: sad message, misfortune and danger, of limbs etc.: Castration fear.