Psychologically: The dream that you abhor things or people is an omen which depends on the circumstances. If the feeling of the aversion to you seriously gives a hard time, it forecasts difficulties on your way. Should you not like, however, only one article particularly and certainly can rid, you will overcome your worries. Popular: (arab).: have before disgusting things: Incommodities will remain not saved to you, have in general: you are right if you give up the thing, - she is squalid and brings only worries. (European ones).: abhor themselves somebody: an aversion against somebody look after, and your suspicion will turn out appropriate, - also: against a thing or a person of other gender feel: one will soon fall in love, think abhorred: Their good intentions will lead other to the unselfishness, (for a young woman) her darlings abhors you: They will love a man who is likeable in no manner.