Psychologically: It depends on what burns itself down in the dream. If it is a meadow or a stubble field, the way should be paved for new sowing, translates: We can hit capital from an almost quite given up thing. If one sees, besides, bright smoke or bright flames, one can expect a favorable exit in a matter or a happy event. Burning down a house or the roof framework is often used as a warning of worries and miseries, or the roof framework of a house burns itself down, the head nerves or the spiritual basic position of the dreamer are disturbed, or in the tax headquarters of the brain something got in mess. Spiritually: Fires and waters always symbolise mental energy: Fire cleans. Bright flames announce a new idea. Popular: (European ones).: and a lot of smoke is to be seen: Incommodities, highlights flames, besides see: big joy, - quick success, (white) smoke: good news, of the roof framework about one: bad meaning, points to a dangerous development, shut to a house whose roof framework burns: one should plan in a topical matter rather a retreat, - (sometimes also signal for a forehead cave illness). (See also fire, fire, chimney)