Psychologically: Cadaver is often equated with corpse. If the symbol of the cadaver appears in the dream, this means that a problem is to be solved, - in addition disagreeable decisions must be made. One is able to do it to himself around a separation of things, a not very successful period of life behind himself brought, a plan or a job one finishedly or must be given up, a resignation of people, or be solved about the fact, that a respect, act. The setting to this symbol gives closer explanation: The more revolting one feels the sight of the corpse, the decision to be made will also be the more unpleasantly. If we see lying a certain animal deadly before ourselves, the meaning of the animal should be ascertained as a symbol to find out further details. Popular: (arab).: meant pain and grief or indicates that a certain joy is only from short duration. in general: final job or execution of a thing, - question: Whom we see in the cadaver ? find: the bad time is over for you, the more repellent the corpse, is the more unpleasantly a topical problem solution, of a horse: Promise of a long life, - heartening life. (European ones).: cadaver of mammals: long life, - pleasant times, of another animal see: final job of a thing, cadaver of birds: Fulfilment of a wish, on a meadow see lying: good health and long life, a bad smell spreading: your hopes will not come true, - also: if loss, aversion, disgust or grief can announce for the close time, give a hand: Damage or illness. (See also rubbish, vulture, corpse)