In general: Reins in the dream are, because they contain a sort of compulsion, a tip to the need, the strength available to the dreaming and energy to control. Psychologically: To be reined, is an impediment which either is subjected the dreaming itself, or which he imposes on other people. If reins tear, this is called that the dreaming escapes even from the compulsions to which he was subjected in the time of the Heranwachsens. If we take an animal in the rein, we are taken in the awake life even to the kerbs, that is we must submit to unalterable. Spiritually: Reins are a sign for intelligent control and will. Popular: (arab).: hold: you are a henpecked husband. (European ones).: eighth more on the balance of your food. (ind).: you must strictly keep order. (See also halter, linen, horse, bridle, bridle)