Association: - The travel kind with which one can look the area by which one goes. Question: - What would like I to look, while I change my life? In general: The train symbolises generally personality development and professional successful striving. Further this vision says that the dreaming keeps a lookout after change and a change of his living conditions. Besides, he should not avoid the contact with other people, because he can reach by them to new knowledge. If one misses in the dream a train, one will not be able to use a promising chance. Psychologically: A train in the dream of a woman is mostly to be understood as a sexual symbol, in particular when he drives out in a tunnel or from him. The train which one misses in the dream is nothing else than a missed chance, it is a love affair or, otherwise, a favorable opportunity in the private life or professional life. In the dream the train means that the dreaming develops and strives for success. He can also express the contact joy and open-mindedness of the dreaming, because the trip is undertaken in the train mostly with many other people. Popular: (arab).: short: you make a visit in the neighborhood, long: long, healthy life. (European ones).: hurry to one: points to a lot of news, in spite of the haste miss one: one wants to reach something impossible, see: tells a resignation in, a moving one: one will soon have a reason for a trip, with one go, without rails dahingleitet: one will give himself around a thing which will well go out at last big troubles, with one go: meant good and quick progress, get out of one: one will achieve his aim, from a tunnel see coming: one will find out a secret about himself, a goods train: are a sign for advantageous changes, sleeping car: promises that your striving to accumulate money is determined by wilful principles which one should better control, are on the roof of a sleeping car themselves: one will soon go on a trip with disagreeable companions, - with these people one will waste a lot of patience and time and should step aside to them in future, with a wrong one go: points out to the fact that one has smashed the wrong way or the wrong direction, - one thinks over his life and finds the right way, of a train disaster are present: one gets from a distant friend bad news. (See also car, railway station, railway, trip, 'delay') Drawbridge In general: The drawbridge which leads about a ditch of a castle and is let down, and one then about that hinwegschreitet, points to open ears with a being close project. A drawbridge which is not let down points to forthcoming difficulties. Psychologically: The nightmare, his aim not to reach because one is too late in it. The saving castle is not climbed because the bridge has come up. If the bridge enters, however, the soul has apparently mastered her job. Popular: (arab).: see: the place is booked for you, go about that: deceived expectations. (European ones).: means that one will have to pass an unexpected trip, in spite of obstacles see: one will depend in a thing completely on the goodwill of another. (ind).: to your plans obstacles can oppose. (See also 'bridge', 'castle', 'river', 'ditch')