In general: A dream cigar mostly symbolises somebody from the real life which is well-to-do and ostentatious, maybe also autocratically. But maybe does she reflect even own behaviour? Psychologically: Merely very primitive sexual needs express as a phallic symbol cigar (cigarette, Zigarillo). However, she can also symbolise the wish of the dreaming for a fatherly friend and protector. Popular: (arab).: have or smoke: your rest brings success and friendship, - also: One should protect discretion about a business matter and not speak with his surroundings possibly of it. Then one will experience a good end. see: your wishes will not come true. (European ones).: very primitive, but unequivocal sexual symbol, smoke: meant carelessness and good living, - also: one should protect discretion in a thing, then one can close a deal successfully, see smoking themselves: Luck-bringing. (ind).: see smoking: pay attention to your nerves, smoke: your health is in danger, see: Liveliness, (See also whistle,