Association: - Solidity. Question: - Which lasting structure want I to establish? In general: Brick as a stone stands for a secure life basis, - one produces him himself, one must be after Old-Indian dream interpretation, however, carefully with expenditures. Roofing tiles register that one can feel secure and certainly. Psychologically: With bricks a house is built, a roof is covered. They translate the construction forces of our body. Who builds with them, provides in the awake life for the personal well-being, - besides, it can also concern the construction of a new existence in which one begins once again from the front. Popular: (arab).: deal with it: one will be soon occupied with construction problems or with spiritual construction thoughts which one should realise, fresh-burnt red ones see: Joy in view, see glide or burning: disagreeable issues, - also: you think of own house, work on: a good business brings respect and success, see falling: you will have nuisance, drop: Annoyance and damage, old rotten ones: Worries, frustration, light-red on a roof see: Luck in the lottery have. (European ones).: brick stones see: a compulsory chance gives an understanding to one of the possibility to create a respectable existence, roofing tiles see: Meaning as protrudingly, only concerns it rather around the household than around the existence, broken ones: give a miss, - business worries announce. (ind).: Dreaming one, he finds ready dry bricks and lifts them, he will easily come into money, the other have earned hard, namely so much, how he brick found. Forming a pauper brick stones, he will earn with hard work a lot of money, a rich man will put on his property profitably and bring to a sure place, admittedly, with effort and work, meanwhile brick stones often must be watered. Building one a house with brick stones, he will become richer than he is, and worldly joys get, - it seems to him, the house collapses, it will go out to him with his wealth badly, and this will become obvious. see: you must learn to recognise yourself, of the roof see falling: only who trusts in God, his aim will reach, burn: you must lower your expenditures. (See also roof,