In general: Slip of paper often admonishes not to deal with unimportant, insignificant things with which one wastes only time. After Old-Indian dream interpretation he requests to more diligence. Psychologically: If we cannot read selfwritten on it, our forgetfulness proves towards a person being close to us. Popular: (arab).: have in the hand: Loss and annoyance, agree: soon receive news, - a secret message, describe themselves one: one has good view of a profit, write: you need help and search a friend, send away: a secret dear meeting, distribute: a news will interest you, flies from the sky: a warning before opponents, lose or throw away: one has to count on financial losses. (European ones).: one wastes itself with little things and makes to itself the life too difficult, concludes by a very important letter which one is obliged to send shortly, see: a little thing will prepare once a lot of brainwork. (ind).: see: is more diligent, and you will reach this what the others already own, - a profit approaches you, see carrying around: you will experience a lot of news, prepare: a trip, read: you are curious. (See also note)