Association: - formal rite, - ritual. Question: - Which is deep obligations I to be entered ready? In general: If ceremonies seemed in a dream, one awakes for usual in raised spirits because the dream was obviously a praise for recently gained private or professional success. If one does not react, nevertheless, in such a way, one should consider whether the dream wanted to point not maybe what one could reach everything. If one dreams of taking part in a ceremony or a religious ritual, then one is aware of a new necessary setting or of ability. Or, however, the ritual announces an important change. Psychologically: Every bigger change in the life has a radical effect on the dreaming, and this is shown in dreams often as a ceremony or ritual. Rituals can have atrophied to habits or concentrate the strength of human masses, however, as religious rituals. Spiritually: Ceremonies and rituals are used for initiations to attain deeper consciousness and to initiate a new order. At the spiritual level ceremonies and rituals stand in the dream for the concentration of energy. Popular: (arab).: see: you will get a witness's load, to themselves see taking part in one: one will be soon claimed very much and one will have to watch out to take professional things too easily. (European ones).: take part in one: one should not take lightly professional obligations, because one will be soon claimed very much. (ind).: see: do not suggest yourselves upon the person, are present: you will have a lot of boredom. (See also exam, wedding, 'religious pictures')