Association: - Beginning, - particularly of a movement. Question: - Where is I to be broken open ready? In general: Toe asks to go without influence from other his own way. Psychologically: Did you go in the dream on tiptoe? It symbolises a careful and diplomatic process manner which must be paid, however, with lacking 'steadfastness'. Popular: (arab).: see: one has secrets before you, his own look: there stands a trip on which one can collect huge experience or a gainful enterprise before, dirty ones have: one should consider his behaviour pattern with a certain plan again. (European ones).: send a reminder to firm character and to stand always on own feet, - also: now one needs healthy feet, because one will have to run a lot, or a voyage will become strenuous for the feet. (ind).: see: you will go your own ways. (See also 'feet')