In general: Quarrel (quarrel) requests to the reconciliation, - one must do the first step, however, himself because one has treated another unfairly. Popular: (arab).: to itself with somebody: themselves leave to unnecessary excitement, - one will reconcile himself with a person again, with your love: the love becomes even bigger, with marriage half: Property increase, with friends: Luck and success, with children: be not unfairly and Li> thinks of your own child time, between women or men: Jealousy. (European ones).: with somebody have: one will get on with somebody whom one could not suffer up to now well. is normally valid for capital losses, one wins in the quarrel: nevertheless, your thing will still prosper after long worry. (ind).: unforeseen incommodities, with friends: oppressive grief, in the marriage: domestic luck, with a person of the other gender: you will fall in love, among men: Jealousy, among women: you will do something unreasonable.