In general: Tongs symbolise a compulsive situation from which one can escape only hard. To be pinched with tongs, points to financial difficulties. Psychologically: Who works with her in the dream, would probably like to take in the everyday life an opponent in the tongs. Popular: (arab).: have in the hand: you will be put out to hostile challenges. see a big one: Signs for a difficult situation in which one will soon get, shop: you want to treat somebody with hardness, work with it: by your unadvised and wilful action manner you will prepare other people for worries and difficulties, without one intends this, - also: Problems in a dear affair are to be expected, work with it: you are suppressed and ambitious, with it injure themselves: your rage brings only yourself damage, strike with it: Grief and worries. (European ones).: indicates at a dangerous compulsive situation of moral kind, - warning of fire as well as disputes, see and with it work: one will get in a bad clip, - indicates that one is irritated by somebody to violent rage, - points to forthcoming unhappy events, feel in own meat: one will impose on an annoying duty, (ind).: see: do not keep yourselves for too clever, one wants to do harm to you, - you will undermine your luck, work with it: you will receive help in the need, reach: you will be irritated to the rage, are pinched with it: a person from whom you would not have expected this will treat you hostilely. (See also plumber)