Psychologically: 'Y' as a spoken, sculptural or written letter mostly points to something stranger who should be more exactly investigated. More seldom it indicates sexual needs. The Y symbolises the person who reaches with emporgereckten arms for the spirituality or for God. Y, the last but one letter of the alphabet is a symbol of the union of the male and female in our soul (the yang and yin of the Chinese mythology) which makes a load lighter. A Y-shaped piece of wood (about one crotch), laid under a load, means, for example, that a certain burden which imposes the life on us is to be carried easily or is taken even by us. Is also Y-shaped the Wünschelrute, so that one can translate the letter or objects in his form sometimes with one finding of new possibilities. In the spiritual thinking Y stands for the Dualität which becomes the unity. Spiritually: The Y stands for the spiritual search.